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How PPC Marketing aid in Business Growth? | California Infotech

Best PPC Marketing

How PPC Marketing aid in Business Growth? | California Infotech

Have you ever heard PPC? In this digital world, every business owner wants to upgrade his business level at top through various digital marketing methods. One of the fastest results providing digital marketing method is to run PPC ads for the business.

If you are curious to learn PPC and what are its aspects then, you come at right place. We are here to discuss on PPC marketing which is considered as an effective way to gain quality traffic. Though more than 45 percent small businesses do online advertising but still it is a notion that many people feel it difficult to understand.

PPC is a type of skill that you should have in your pocket as a marketer. A basic understanding of PPC ads is necessary.


Let’s first discuss about what PPC is.

PPC or Pay Per Click is the best internet marketing which involves paying fees on every click made by the users on Ads. In this, whenever your ad is clicked by anyone on Google searches, you have to for that. We can say that you are buying visitors for your website through PPC ads. In this way you are gaining the visits for your website through organic search. In this, search engine result pages will display the ads to your visitors and the fee payment for the click is totally based whether he has clicked the ad or not. It is considered as one of the most essential forms of search engine advertising by bidding on some specific highly searched keywords.

It enables the advertisers to pay for the ads placed in Google’s sponsored links. This will work when user searches the keyword relevant to their business services. Click on ads is more worth than what you are paying for bid. For example, if you are paying $4 for one click and the click result is $400 sale then, you are gaining sizeable profit. Literally, the size and shape of PPC ads are different. It creates in text, images and videos combination. These PPC ads are seen popularly in websites, social media platforms etc.


PPC Marketing Introduction


PPC Marketing for Business Success

  • PPC come up with business goals & revenues

It can assist in achieving the best marketing goals for the businesses. These objectives include everything from thought leadership and high-level brand exposure to submitting hot leads or obtaining an e-commerce sale.

PPC is a powerful technique for directing the website traffic to the end goals. You can easily track your traffic as well as conversion goals.

Through encouraging content downloads, enticing email signups, contest submissions, and pushing up for app downloads, PPC may encourage that centre way of fostering and feeding the center line of such channel in this age of content marketing and leadership thought.

It supports many areas of the sales increasing from the path of awareness to become a customer. PPC marketing campaigns can run effectively by setting the identified goals. You can check your campaign that it is working effectively through granular goals and targeting. Also, you can make robust data report to become it highly successful.

  • Measuring & Tracking Ease

In PPC advertising, the best benefit is easy measure and trackable ease. For this, with Google Analytics you have to use the Google Ads tools. You will analyze up-level performance details which includes impressions, clicks as well as conversions.

You can show your campaigns are conducting and what type of traffic is coming as well as the results that drive for your budget.

In other types of advertising and the marketing, the image of the budget and the direct result will not find clear like that of PPC marketing.

You can see your end goals by sending your PPC traffic on landing pages and conversion rates can track using Google Analytics.

Additionally, you can detach your PPC efforts more with call tracing than you would with SEO or numerous other advertising strategies because contacts can represent a significant blind spot.

  • Most successful form of Digital Marketing

 There are more than 78% of businesses say that PPC marketing is effective enough for deriving customers on landing pages directly through PPC ads. It is essential to keep up with the competitors. Nearly 50% conversion of traffic is done through PPC which is more as compared to SEO which only drives nearly 36% of the traffic for the website.

Hence, it would not be good to ignore PPC advertising as there are many internet shoppers exists who surfs the internet regularly. Many people say that searching information becomes very easy through PPC ads as it provides information that they are searching for.

  • Budget Control Campaign

It offers budget control system as it is based entirely on budget. That’s the reason why businesses use PPC advertising as they have full control over the spending of money on ads. Businesses can spend their money on running ads either in a less budget or the high money like they want. There is not any barrier to do entry or there is not any minimum budget for the ad.

Marketers build a campaign hierarchy which is divided into account, campaign, ad group, ads, keywords/audience enabled by Google ads and Microsoft Advertising. There is a similar hierarchy for the media platforms.

  • Brand Recognition Increases

You know how important the brand recognition is because the overall success of the revenue is dependent on it. People will not recognize your service or brand name online; you just have to appear in the SERP when they query in search bar of Google.

PPC advertising can ascertain your brand name to view at right place which helps in presenting the best online reputation to enhance sales for the website and in the stores.

  • Contribute to High Website Traffic

PPC marketing not only helps in gaining fast results but it also assists in reaching thousands of visitors on landing pages instantly. It immediately pulls the traffic to your ideal page. PPC ads do increasing number of click for the website and it does not directly enhance the ranking. The contribution to higher organic ranking gets increased due to PPC ads.

Therefor, it is necessary to hire the best PPC company in California.


How does PPC marketing works?

In general, PPC advertising appears different from one platform to another. Firstly, a campaign should be choose based on the objectives. Account settings and targeting includes audience, device, locations and schedule, etc. You should provide the budget and bidding strategy of your campaign. The destination URL that is landing page should be mentioned. Creation of Ad is made.

All the things can easily be determined through algorithmically like when the ad goes live, where and how the ad appears. PPC advertising that is run on various platforms want their users to be satisfied.


Important PPC Terms & Definitions


The main objective for all kinds of digital marketing is to provide a high rank to a specific keyword. It is done in several different ways like SEO, PPC and so on. SEM or Search Engine Marketing denotes to any type of online marketing (maybe paid or unpaid) done on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

SEM is the term that specifies both paid advertising and search engine optimization. Additionally, PPC ads are not only runs in search engines also, Facebook, Twitter etc. has ads too.


Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC is the essential term in PPC campaign. It refers to the amount of cost charge for a click and the advertiser has to pay for that click on ad. CPC tells that where your ad will be placed which means higher the bid, ad will automatically go on top. As you can thought a good CPC can placed your ad at better place.


Ad Rank

Ad Rank is the factor that is used to determine the position of the ad also, where it will display on the page in relation to other PPC ads.


Quality Score

To achieve a higher ad rank, your quality score should be high no matter you are bidding low CPC. However, if you have low quality score then, you should bid high cost-per-click to place the ads on high rank.


Maximum Bid

Now, maximum bid comes which refers to the maximum cost you are willing to pay for a click on PPC ad.

Also, you can set your maximum bid on CPC manually for your ad. You can ‘enhanced’ also, that helps the search engine to adjust the bid based on the goals. In the ‘enhanced’ option, you can automatically adjust the bid strategics either based on the conversions or the clicks made.


Cost Per Mile (CPM)

CPM is a paid advertising option in which the company has to pay on ad for every 1000 impressions come. An impression refers when any individual comes on campaign through any social media platforms or search engines.


Campaign Setup

What you are offering to your customer, the campaign will help in setting up of ad groups including ads, keywords and bids. It helps in sharing a budget, location targeting as well as other settings too. You can run more than one ad campaign when running PPC ad. Campaigns are used to organize the categories of products and services in a manner.


Ad group

Ad group that is created, you can set a CPC. One size of ad group cannot fit to everyone. You can develop many ads as a part of the campaign by using a group of linked keywords. CPC that you specify can have each ad group.



Each ad group consists of set of relevant keywords in your ad. In SERP, these keywords appear in search engine that which terms or the search query you want to appear in it. You can easily set Cost-Per-Click especially for the keywords in your ads whenever you know which type of keywords performs the best.


Ad Text

Your keywords can easily be informed by your ad text. The relevancy of the ad is determined by your Quality Score. Hence, the texts in the ad must be match with the type of keyword terms that you are targeting.


Landing Page

In your paid advertising strategy, a landing page is considered to be condemning piece. When the user clicks the PPC ad then, the user will go at the ending page. For maximizing conversions, you have to make sure that you are following landing page then, whether it will be a dedicated webpage, homepage or something else.


PPC Platforms

There are many online platforms where you can spend your money on ads. On ROI you can give a potential look to every platform. Popular advertising platforms are emphatic and they are very easy to operate. Also, these platforms can easily be trafficked. Some things to be consider like keyword terms and the advertising budget.


Google Ads or Google Adwords

In the PPC ad system, Google ads are considered as the most popular term. Businesses can show up their ads on the Google search engine as well as other Google properties by using the Google Ads platform.

Google find out all the ads and chooses the best of them to appear in the search engine result pages whenever the query is searched on the Google. The winners who should placed on top by Google are chosen on the basis of quality, relevancy of the keywords, campaigns and the sizes of the keyword bids.


What are the works of PPC in Google Ads?

For creating an ad, the advertisers choose group of keyword to place bid on that particular keyword. In this way, you are telling the Google to appear your ad in the searches matched with the query.

Whenever a user searches for the query then, Google sets a formula and processes to decide which ad will appear in the searches. Google will first give a Quality Score from 1 to 10 depends on the relevancy of the keyword, Click Through Rate, and the landing page quality.

Hence, Ad Rank is determined by multiplying the Quality Score with Maximum bid. PPC ads whose Ad Rank will be higher shows in result pages.

According the budget that is fit for the ad, the winning advertisers will reach to their customers. It refers an auction.


How PPC Campaigns can be Managed?

Google Adwords Account Structure

When campaign setup has finished with all settings, you have to make sure that it is running effectively by managing it from time to time. Although, the account success is based on the regular activity of the user. Following is some of the settings or the adjustments is defined that you need to analyze continuously to analyze the performance of the account.





  • Adding of keywords should make continuously in your PPC campaign that is most related to your business.
  • Negative keywords should use to improve the relevancy of the campaign that helps in minimizing the wasted spend.
  • Review your expensive PPC keywords or shut them if required.
  • To enhance the conversion rates, tailor your landing pages’ content and CTAs to every user’s search queries. Don’t direct all of your traffic to one page.
  • Split your Ad Group into smaller and most relevant ad group, helps in increasing the CTR and the Quality Score. This will assist in improving more targeted Ad texts and landing pages. Example is shown with the help of image above.


What are the Benefits of PPC?
  • Cost-effective

Running PPC ads are cost-effective. You have full control over PPC ad campaigns that how much money you want to spent. Although, you only pay when the visitors land at your page by clicking the link, considered a high chance of conversion rate. It can say that you will receive value for your money.

  • Provides Fast Results

To reach at the first page in search engine result pages, organic ranking is best as it takes more time like months and years. PPC ads comes in the situation when you don’t have time to wait for the result of organic searches visitors, direct traffic or through social media. With the launching of PPC marketing campaign you can optimize your ads on the top search result pages even with in an hour.

  • Multiple ad campaigns can run

With PPC, you can run multiple ad campaigns with the different keywords such as exact match, broad match or phrase match. The keywords assist in solving the query of the users who have searched for the service or the products online on Google.

  • Provide full control and test PPC ads

It is easy to manage the targeted keywords, placement of ad and the budget with the PPC ads. In order to find the ads which generates high return on investment, you can do A/B split test along with varied advertising. The advertisement can effectively be boosted until they produce the required results.

  • Target your ideal customers

Apart from keywords, PPC ads provides options such as past online activity or the demographics. You can skip your old customers and target the new one who are coming at your website through PPC for products and the services. Bidding on the keyword is made on the basis of searching criteria that is made online. Other usage of PPC ads is that you can retarget those campaigns whose visitors hadn’t purchased after landing at the website.

  • Low effect of Algorithm Updates on PPC ads

You do not have to worry about the updates in algorithms with PPC ads. Just focus on how good your campaign is running. Compared with PPC advertising, there are various Google algorithm changes and 200 ranking factors affected which is little shaky.

  • Helps in rank with low domain ratings

Business with a low domain authority will be difficult to get top rank in Google searches. Keywords have become more competitive, due to this business cannot reach to its target audience. You can quickly rank your keywords on SERP through PPC which are searching by your audience even you have low domain authority.

  • Improves SEO Strategy

You cannot completely abandon your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. PPC advertising should support SEO approach rather than replacing it. You can display most contingent ads to your ideal visitors as you know their search purpose whenever the search of keywords is made through audience. It will help in getting more clicks and conversion chances.


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a best example of PPC channel. It is used by retailers and runs with the help of Google ads which helps in showing the products in front the interested customers. To show your products and services in SERP, Google is considered as the most usable search engine. This helps in increasing the visibility more. It helps in providing best impressions and helps in deriving traffic to your site.

Advertisers place bids for the top spot-on Google Shopping carousel, the first spot is the most priced. Nearly 65% of shoppers clicks on the first ad on Google because they think it comes from the top seller. The shoppers think that it is available at lowest price.

It can be difficult to control Google shopping management. Retailers have variety of alternatives to third party agencies and manual management.


The Final Words!

The popularity of running PPC ads speaks itself that for getting the immediate results, you should hire the best PPC agency. You can contact to one of the best PPC company California named California Infotech for getting all the benefits of PPC marketing through our experienced PPC professionals. PPC refers to one of the most successful campaigns that is run by many businesses. It helps in improving the businesses revenue and gaining success for their business. PPC is found that it provides high ROI and it is essential to keeping up with the competitors.

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